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LavaPing is a business communication software, created by a team of developers with your business in mind. Alternatives seem subpar to expectation? That is why we’ve created LavaPing, a free software, which will remaster communications for : Start-upsEnterprisesSmall BusinessesInternational companieseveryone.Start-ups

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After a lot of companies were exposed to leaking passwords and sensitive information, we took security as a top priority. LavaPing is safe for your business and we take care to protect internal files, passwords and all the information you choose to share via our software.

24/7 Support

You don’t have to wait for a support ticket to be opened and receive an answer in a few business days. At LavaPing, every day is a business day, when you work, so do we. We realize that work has no timezone and holiday limitations and emergencies should be dealt with immediately. LavaPing’s support team is available 24/7 to serve your every digital need.

No Downtime

LavaPing is a live digital organism that is moving and evolving around your needs. We are constantly improving our software based on user feedback, but meanwhile, you can expect a 99.9% uptime. No downtime, no days off.

Speed & Flexibility

Our software matches your company with it’s speed and flexibility. We understand that not all companies are built the same. They are accustomed to changing their structure around the app, while we’ve made software flexible enough to fit every single need of our consumers.

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After we’ve struggled with bugs, errors, and temporary lapses of our current communication provider, we decided to look for an alternative. No platform would accommodate the need of our start-up.

Enter LavaPing - created by the consumers for the consumer. We’ve taken our frustrations and needs, turning them into code, design, and finally, a ready-to-download software we’ve decided to name LavaPing.

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Yeah, we’ve been there. Downloaded, tried the services, bought the premium package and migrated our team, only to be disappointed repeatedly. That is why we’ve decided to have a free version of the software available, so start-ups and other interested companies can see what they are committing to.

LavaPing was created as an in-house communication tool - it was too good for us to keep it to ourselves, so we decided to share the fantastic software to our fellow colleagues.

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Our strong faith in LavaPing is not a subjective matter. We’ve seen the general interest in communication software.

Still, don’t just take our word for it; consider this: The global Employee Communication Software Market forecast will surpass $1,1 billion by 2026, at a 10.8% CAGR, and it is increasing from $527.0 million in 2018, according to Employee Communication Software Market Analysis by Research Dive.

The apparent increase of demand is why we think you should consider being a part of our journey to success; get in touch now, make your move

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Turn the communication in your business into a seamless process. LavaPing will make sure every single team member of your company feels the comfort and ease of working with our software. If you’re ready to say goodbye to constant bugs and errors, those annoying pesky problems that hinder the work process of your team. Download LavaPing for free now!